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​Ashtyn is from Seattle, Washington where she was trained and specialized in the Microblading technique. She moved Oklahoma and took on further training to earn her Certified Medical Micropigmentation (C.M.M.) License in Oklahoma State as well as many additional certifications for other techniques including Scar and Stretchmark Camouflage Tattoo, and Inkless Scar Revision. Thru her passion for creating the most natural and realistic looking brows she started her baby MINT BROWS OKC which has unapologetically taken over the Brow Game in Oklahoma City. Her clean lines and impeccable work set her apart from the others and place her at the top. She has recently been voted the "Best in the 405". Ashtyn is leading the way in the industry and setting the bar sky high for Cosmetic Tattooing in Oklahoma City. 


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